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Creating Worsted Cotton Yarn on a Budget

Updated: Apr 30

Hello and I hope this blog post finds you well.

Today, I want to show you how you can create lovely worsted cotton yarn on a budget!

(or if you're willing to splurge; you can always just buy normal size cotton light worsted/dk yarn - here and get 15% off from me!)

I've been hunting down these Crafts Mini Yarn 100% Cotton at my local Dollarama stores; and unfortunately, they haven't been able to restock them during this pandemic nor have I been able to buy them anywhere else online. They come in 3 different colour palettes and each bag is only $4 for 10 small balls of yarn. I also like the fact that they are mini balls of yarn therefore I can make many different colour combinations without spending a fortune.

What to do? I hold 3 strands of similar/contrasting colour (be creative) and I start crocheting with them together which results in a worsted weight cotton yarn! Easy!

If you can't find them in your local Dollarama - then you can perhaps try Hobbi Yarn here. These are the closest matching ones I was able to find online. Please leave a comment below if you can find something similar!

So, some crochet items that I've been able to make are: baby ring teethers -- this use up approximately the entire skein (~40 m); and mask ear savers for the nurses and doctors. Both items can be purchased on my Etsy store! You can find the free pattern to the ear savers here in my previous blog.

Here's a bonus tip! If you're like me, who likes to upcycle things -- I recommend keeping all these tiny balls of yarn in a Ferrero Rocher container as it's easy to see what you have and they fit really nicely together!

Which do you prefer - a box of chocolate, or a box of yarn? I say both!

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