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Something Stylish for your Bathroom Decor!

Do you ever feel that the spot on top of your toilet looks empty, and boring? Tired of guests opening all your drawers to try to find where you keep spare toilet paper? Well, keeping toilet paper out and using it as a decor can finally look stylish! Follow along and make your own toilet paper holder, or simply, you can throw whatever you want in it.

And for those who have missed me, I do apologize for not posting anything new because my life have been a little hectic with packing and unpacking boxes. We have moved from Toronto to Acton so we can now have more room to do arts and craft!

Not a maker? Send us a message and we will custom make one for you!

To begin, you'll need:

Yarn: Lily Sugar n' Cream Twists x 4 skeins (2 oz/56.7 g) -- I used Green Twist for this project

Contrast colour ribbon (optional) -- I used Lily Sugar n' Cream Twists spare yarn Barnboard Twist

Crochet hook: 5 mm

Tapestry Needle, Measuring Tape and Stitch Markers

Finished Dimensions: 15.5 x 4.5 x 6 cm / 6.1 x 1.2 x 2.4 in


Ch = Chain

Sc = Single Crochet

Dc = Double Crochet

ScBlo = Single Crochet Back Loop Only

Slst = Slip stitch

St(s )= Stitch(es)

Sc2tog = single crochet 2 together (decrease)

[ repeat what is in the brackets ]

Please note: I typically use Kirkland Toilet Paper rolls in my home; so depending on what brand toilet paper you use, you may need to alter the pattern accordingly!

You will be crocheting with two strands of yarn -- please use two skeins simultaneously

Foundation: Ch 51 (this equaled the length of three toilet paper rolls put together ~ 15.5 cm / 6.1 in) (adjust accordingly but try to make sure the # of chains are even + 1).

Row 2: Sc into the second ch from hook. Sc across. (51 st)

Row 3: Ch 1, sc across (51 st)

Repeat Row 3 until piece measures 6 cm (or until the width is the same diameter as your toilet paper); and you should now have a rectangle.

Edge: (Place marker to mark the beginning of the round) Sc all around the rectangle and picking up stitches on the width - you should have 51 sts on the two lengths and approximately, 17 sts on the two widths for a total of ~ 136 sts (make sure your total sts are even and can be divisible by 3).

Round 2: ScBlo all around (136 sts)

Round 3: Sc all around (136 sts)

Repeat round 3 three more times

Round 7: Sc 50 sts across the length, Sc2tog, Sc 14, Sc2tog, Sc 50, Sc2tog, Sc 14, Sc2tog (132 sts)

(the idea here is to decrease around the four edges)

Round 8: Sc 49 sts across the length, Sc2tog, Sc13, Sc2tog, Sc 49, Sc2tog, Sc 13, Sc2tog (128 sts)

(if you find that the length is not straight, you can always do Sc2tog on the length as well, just make sure whatever you do on one side, do the same on the other)

Round 9: Sc 48 sts across the length, Sc2tog, Sc12, Sc2tog, Sc 48, Sc2tog, Sc 12, Sc2tog (124 sts)

Round 10: Sc 47 sts across the length, Sc2tog, Sc 11, Sc2tog, Sc47, Sc2tog, Sc11, Sc2tog (120 sts)

(you can repeat this if you require the edges to be taller to match your toilet paper's height)

Round 11: *Skip first two sts, [dc into the third st, ch 1] repeat 4 times into the same stitch, skip 2 sts, slst into next st, repeat from * until the end and bind off

Ribbon: Starting in the middle lengthwise, weave a ribbon where round 10 was, going through the center of the scallops all around. Pull the ribbon a little tight, and you'll be able to make a scrunch. Make sure it's not too tight or else your toilet paper may not fit within it. In my project, I used 2 strands of the cotton yarn instead and I tied a double knot to secure it, and then cut the ends to make it look like a small tassel.

Disclaimer: Thank you for trying this pattern out. Please leave me a comment or contact me if you have any questions about this pattern. I would love to see your finished goods, so please do not forget to tag me @the.mad.knatter on Instagram or use #themadknatter. This is a personal pattern, and you may sell or share your own finished goods, but please give me credit for the design. If you would like to see more free patterns -- please support me by sharing my store with your followers: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/

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