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Ear Saver with Ponytail Loop Through FREE Crochet Pattern

Updated: 5 days ago

Before we jump into the pattern for the Ponytail Through Ear Savers, I just want to mention about recent events and what today means.

There have been a lot of injustice going on in the world. Whether it was 31 years ago, today in Tiananmen Square, where Asians stood up against the communist government and got slayed by military tanks, to most recently #GeorgeFloyd getting killed by a police officer for just going out to the store. There are no words to describe the frustration, sadness, and all the craziness that the world has fallen into. It all seems like history is repeating itself and the human race still haven't learned from the past yet.

Freedom isn't free. Everyone needs to stand up to what is right. Educate yourself. Be heard and take actions. Social media isn't everything and do not believe in everything you see. Learn from multiple resources before you make your decision. Vote and talk to your parliament on what matters to you the most. Talk to others. Change the world.

As for me, I am supporting the Campaign Zero organization to end police violence in America. I will be donating a portion of my profit from the sales of the below items to this organization.

If you are going to join in on the protests and march for #blacklivesmatter please do so safely. Please wear a mask and perhaps show your support with this handmade cotton ear saver. I've handmade the cotton and have put it together to represent my support to the black communities. The threading of the black, white and gray represents that we should all get along and spread the love. This is available in my Etsy Store. Proceeds are going to Campaign Zero.

I also want to point out that June is also #Pride month and shout out to all those who have been mistreated for not fitting into the norm. We are here for you, and we hear you, and we will step up and support you. If you are going to celebrate and parade; please do so safely. I have dedicated my cotton candy ear saver for the #LGBTQ community. This is available now in my Etsy Store. Proceeds are going to Out on the Shelf - a local charity.

And because my followers have requested an ear saver for ponytails so that you don't need to remove it from your head while you change masks, I was able to create a quick pattern for it. If you like the normal Ear Savers - check out my FREE Pattern here.

Materials & Yarn:

Recommended: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton - Cotton Candy

Cotton Yarn DK (in this pattern; I made my own 3 ply cotton yarn. Read my blog on how I create this here).

Crochet Hook Size: 3.5 mm

Sewing Needle



Ch = Chain

Inc = Increase

(Inv)Dec = (Invisible) Decrease

Sc = Single Crochet

Hdc = Half Double Crochet

Dc = Double Crochet

Tc = Triple Crochet

Slst = Slip stitch

St(s) = Stitch(es)

MR = Magic Ring

F/O = Fasten off

[repeat everything within brackets]

Pattern Notes: This is a very simple pattern that can be worked up in less than 20 mins. The pattern is worked up in rows. Ear savers are used with masks with elastic loops so that the loop doesn't have to go around the ears to prevent chafing. There are two types of ear savers; one without the whole in the middle (here) and one with. This one is for use with a ponytail so that the ear saver holds up when you change the mask. The finished dimensions are approximately 5 x 2" (12.5 x 5 cm).


Row 1: Ch 21

Row 2: Sc into 2nd ch from hook and across all sts, Ch 1, turn (20)

Row 3: Sc in next 5 sts, ch 10, sk 9 sts and sc into the next st, sc in last 5 sts, Ch 1, turn (20)

Row 4: Sc across all sts, place st marker to mark the beginning.

Edging: Sc around the 3 remaining edges, with 2 sc in the remaining 3 corners back to the beginning of the st marker.

F/O and weave in tails. Add buttons and you're done!


Thank you for purchasing my pattern. Please let me know if you have any questions. To further support me, please check out my Etsy Store @themadknatter or on Instagram @the_mad_knatter.

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