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Easy DIY Rattle Shaker

Updated: Apr 5

Hello everyone! It's Day 15th of the Corona Virus Quarantine, and I am really starting to get creative here! With many stores closed, and you can't go out unless it's for essential items, I have resorted to using things around the house. So, the baby and I today, went for a dumpster dive in our garage. She wasn't thrilled. And coincidentally, my hubby forgot to take the trash out this week, so we had last week's recyclable still in the garage. With much luck, I was able to find some spare pop cap bottles laying around.

After giving it a nice wash -- this is what I've re-purposed them into. Enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are on this one.


Trace bottle cap onto the piece of paper and cut out the circle.

Fill bottle cap with some rice/grain and cover the bottle cap with the cut out paper.

Use the (Washi) tape to tape down the paper onto the bottle cap. (I used Washi tape because: one, that's all I had around the house and two; it made it colourful!).

Wrap the tape all around the bottle to ensure the paper is fully taped down. (Important: I would not turn the cap upside down until all sides have been taped up because the rice/grain will surely fall out!)

Once fully taped down, your rattle is complete and now you may add it to any type of crochet/knitted toys that you want to make noisy. Note also that because I used cardstock, the noise is dampen, which in my opinion is great because it's not loud and obnoxious but still audible enough for the baby. Also note, that the more grain you add the louder/heavier sounding it will be.

Stay Tuned as I will be adding a new pattern this weekend that will incorporate this DIY rattle shaker. Happy Friday!

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