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Helping Out During the Pandemic

Updated: Jun 2

This is day 21 of the Corona Virus pandemic and we are all in self isolation. During this time, I have been approached by nurses to make some relief items. Below you will find a pattern that is a headband where they can loop their surgical masks' ear loops behind their head instead of around the ears to provide them relief. I made these using 100% cotton yarn and sew buttons onto the end. My recommendation on yarn would be Lily Sugar n' Cream Cotton or Bernat Handicrafter Cotton.


Ch = Chain

Inc = Increase

InvDec = Invisible Decrease

Sc = Single Crochet

Dc = Double Crochet

Slst = Slip stitch

St = Stitch

F/O = Fasten off

[repeat everything within brackets]

Materials & Info Yarn:

Lily Sugar' n Cream Twist Cotton/Bernat Handicrafter Cotton

Steel Hook Size: 3.5 mm

Needle for Sewing


Headband Ear Loop Holder (3.5 mm crochet hook):

Ch 20. Hdc into second loop from hook. Hdc all remaining sts except for the last st. 3 Hdc into last stitch. Hdc across on the other side of the chain (like how you would work the bottom of a baby's bootie). 3 Hdc into the last st. Slst into the first st and F/O.

These are also available for purchase on my Etsy Store.

In addition -- I have also been crocheting face masks. These face masks are recommended by the CDC (Canadian disease Center) to be used for the general public in addition to social distancing. I used acrylic yarn worsted weight with a 3.5 mm hook. You may use different yarn, and perhaps go with cotton!


Row 1: Ch29

Row 2: Sl st into 2nd ch from hook and into the next st. Sc in the next 4 sts. Hdc into the next 16 sts. Sc in the next 4 sts. Sl st into the last two sts. (28)

Row 3: Turn and repeat, working in back loops only.

Row 4: Repeat Row 3 six more times (or until the piece measures 5" or 12.5 cm -- depending on your gauge) continuing...

Ear loop: Ch 25. Sl st into the first row, first ch. F/O. Repeat on the other side.

Line the inside of your mask and sew it into place. I used cloth liners and put at least 5 pieces together to make it 5 ply.

Instead of sewing it into place, I used snap buttons to snap it into place so the liner can be washed and dried, or replaced altogether.

I hope you've enjoyed this pattern. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments below.

UPDATE: now that the weather is getting warmer, these crochet masks makes area little difficult to breathe in. As a result, there is another type of masks that you can make with lighter fabric - like sewing. Check out this DIY sewing mask tutorial on how you can make your own. If you are interested to buy some fabric masks - you can check out some of my designs, now available for purchase on my Etsy Store.

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