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Sushi Magnets FREE Crochet Pattern

Hello again! It's me here with another free Sushi Amigurumi. This time, they are a lot bigger as I will be using them as magnets! If you've missed my version 1 of sushi amigurumi - you can click here. I turned Version 1 sushi amigurumi into earrings as they were inspired by the board game Sushi Go. I love making these sushi amigurumi because they work up pretty quickly; and this is the closest I can get to sushi right now since restaurants aren't open during quarantine.

So, without any hesitation, let's get started! Check out below on what you need. If you click on the link and buy something; this will help generate a small commission fee for me - thank you! Please note that this FREE pattern is only for the sushi rolls. For shrimp, spam, salmon and egg sushi patterns, are available to purchase in my store for a small price or on Etsy (whichever one you prefer). Limited finished sushi magnets are also available in my Etsy store for purchase if you would rather just buy the bento set =)

Materials & Yarn:


Ch = Chain

Inc = Increase

(Inv)Dec = (Invisible) Decrease

Sc = Single Crochet

Dc = Double Crochet

Slst = Slip stitch

St(s) = Stitch(es)

F/O = Fasten off

[repeat everything within brackets]

Pattern Notes: this is a very simple pattern that can be worked up in less than a hour. The pattern is worked up in rounds. I created these sushi amigurumi to be used as magnets, but you can skip that step and keep them as sushi amigurumi! The sushi seaweed is yarn wrapped around together and sewn down at the bottom. Each nigiri sushi amigurumi (paid version) works out to be approximately 2.5 x 2" (6 x 5.5 cm); and the maki sushi amigurumi (free version) works out to be 1.75" (5.25 cm) in diameter.


With the filling: (orange = salmon; rose pink = tuna; lime green = cucumber/avocado)

MR4 (4) - place stitch marker to mark end of round

Rnd 1: Inc across all sts (8) sl st to first st and change to white yarn

Rnd 2: [Inc, sc] repeat across all sts (12) sl st to first st

Rnd 3: [Inc, sc, sc,] repeat across all sts (16) sl st to first st and change to black yarn

Rnd 4: Slstblo across all sts (16)

Rnd 5: Scblo across all sts (16)

Rnd 6: Sc across all sts (16) - switch to white yarn

Rnd 7: [Sc, invdec] repeat across all sts (10)

Rnd 8: [Invdec] repeat across all sts (5)

F/O and leave tail for weaving in.


Thank you for purchasing my pattern. Please let me know if you have any questions. To further support me, please check out my Etsy Store @themadknatter or on Instagram @the_mad_knatter.

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